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Country of origin

United States of America

Creation year



Soo Kim, Michael T. Smith and Jennifer Twomey


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Team Umizoomi consists of Milli, her younger brother Geo and Bot, a green robot. Milli is able to solve problems by singing certain phrases, while her brother solves problems by using shapes to make objects. Bot can extend his limbs to reach things or use the screen on his chest to do math. Team Umizoomi drive around in UmiCar, an orange car that takes them wherever help is needed.

Who are the main characters of Team Umizoomi?

Team Umizoomi: The team of three heroes who use their math skills to save the day.
Milli: The team's leader, she is a fearless and determined young girl.
Geo: The team's resident artist and musician, he is a creative and playful young boy.
Bot: The team's robot friend, he is a loyal and helpful companion.
UmiCar: The team's trusty mode of transportation, she is a friendly and helpful car.
UmiCopter: The team's aerial transport, she is a brave and fearless helicopter.
UmiPlane: The team's long-distance transport, she is a speedy and reliable plane.
UmiJet: The team's super-fast transport, she is a powerful and speedy jet.
UmiSub: The team's underwater transport, she is a brave and adventurous submarine.
UmiMonster: The team's friendly monster friend, he is a big and lovable creature.

Production studio: Nickelodeon Animation Studios

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