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“The Bagel and Becky Show” is a Canadian animated television series that first premiered in 2016. The show is primarily targeted at children and features a unique blend of humor, adventure, and absurdity. The series is set in the fictional town of Awkward Falls and revolves around the misadventures of two main characters: Bagel, a slow but happy-go-lucky dog, and Becky, an intelligent and cautious black and white cat.

The show follows the duo as they navigate a variety of bizarre and whimsical situations, often finding themselves in comical predicaments. Each episode typically involves Bagel and Becky encountering peculiar characters and facing off against unusual antagonists. The series is known for its offbeat humor, slapstick comedy, and surreal elements that appeal to both kids and adults.

“The Bagel and Becky Show” stands out for its vibrant and colorful animation style, as well as its wacky and unpredictable storytelling. It offers a fun and entertaining viewing experience for young audiences while also incorporating underlying themes of friendship, problem-solving, and teamwork.

“The Bagel and Becky Show” is a quirky Canadian animated series that offers a blend of humor and adventure, making it an enjoyable choice for children and anyone who appreciates offbeat animated humor.

Who are the main characters of The Bagel and Becky Show?

Bagel: one of the titular characters, a yellow dog that gets himself and his sibling Becky in trouble quite often, due to his lack of intelligence.
Becky: the second titular character, Bagel's sister, a black and white cat. She's a lot smarter than her brother and is the one trying to keep trouble away.
Percy: a lonely pigeon who is desperate to become friends with Bagel and Becky.
Mom: Bagel and Becky's mom.
Loaf and Lisa: a gopher bear and a flying squirrel, Bagel and Becky nemeses.
Mayor Torgo: the town's mayor, who is actually an evil alien. No one except for Becky seems to have noticed.
Old Man Jenkinsbot: a smart robot who behaves like an old man.
Argentina and Phillipe: two explorers who always want to discover things first.
Cyril: a barber.
Skip Pauseforeffect: Bagel and Becky's favorite game show's TV host.

Production studio: Jam Filled Entertainment

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