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The Fairly OddParents

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Country of origin

United States of America

Creation year



Butch Hartman



The Fairly OddParents tells the story of 10-year-old Timmy Turner, who lives in Dimmsdale, California. Unfortunately, he is neglected by his parents and tortured by his babysitter, the evil Vicky. One day, he is granted two fairy godparents, Cosmo and Wanda. They have been sent to grant his every wish to improve his miserable life. But Timmy’s wishes usually backfire or cause a series of problems that Timmy then must fix. There are a whole list of villains in the series that want to harm Timmy, but luckily Cosmo and Wanda are there to protect him.

Who are the main characters of The Fairly OddParents?

Timmy Turner: The main character of the show, he is an average kid who just wants to have fun.
Cosmo: Timmy's Fairy Godparent, he is well-meaning but often causes more trouble than he fixes.
Wanda: Timmy's Fairy Godparent, she is kind and always tries to help Timmy in whatever way she can.
Mr. Crocker: Timmy's schoolteacher, he is strict and always looking to catch the fairies.
Vicky: Timmy's babysitter, she is cruel and always looking to make Timmy's life miserable.
Chester: One of Timmy's best friends, he is loyal and always ready for an adventure.
A.J.: One of Timmy's best friends, he is smart and always comes up with new inventions.
Trixie: One of Timmy's friends, she is popular and often looks down on him.
Mr. and Mrs. Turner: Timmy's parents, they are always busy and often forget about him.
Sparky: Timmy's pet fairy dog, he is loyal and always ready to help Timmy.

Production studio: Nickelodeon Animation Studios

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