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The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

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United States of America

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Maxwell Atoms



The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy tells the exploits of Grim, a Reaper with a Jamaican accent and Billy, a slow-witted and idiotic happy-go-lucky boy. They are constantly followed around by Mandy, a dark, cynical and merciless girl. After Billy and Mandy cheated at a limbo match against Grim to save Billy’s pet hamster (in retaliation for putting the limbo rod too low for them to go under), he is enslaved in a permanently unwanted friendship with the children. Grim feels miserable in the first days of his servitude, and is even thinking about killing them on multiple occasions. But as the time passes by, he gradually adapts to his new life as best friend, and even grows to care for Billy and Mandy. Despite this, he retains a loveā€“hate relationship with the two and desires to eventually break free from his servitude. Billy and Mandy use Grim’s supernatural powers to enter supernatural locations or environments, such as the Underworld, or the Netherworld, inhabited by grotesque monstrous beasts. The children also use Grim’s enormously strong supernatural abilities or ties with a number of beastly characters for their own benefit, often with twisted results. Famous fictional monsters like Dracula, the Wolfman, and the bogeyman are also make comical appearances in the series.

Who are the main characters of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy?

Billy: A 9-year-old boy with a negative IQ who's also lazy and gullible. Due to his stupidity, he causes trouble.
Mandy: Billy's best friend, a girl who is cynical, pragmatic, and often manipulates Billy to do her bidding.
Grim: The Grim Reaper, who is forced to be Billy and Mandy's best friend after losing a bet. He is dark, brooding, and often angry.
Irwin Dracula: Billy's other best friend, a boy who is nerdy and clumsy, and often says the wrong thing.
Nergal: A black shapeshifting supernatural devil married to Bill's aunt. He is arrogant, evil, and often gets himself into trouble.
Hoss Delgado: A bounty hunter who is often hired by Billy and Mandy to capture supernatural creatures. He is tough, rough, and often doesn't think before he acts.
Pud'n: A weak and easily scared boy who's in the same class as Billy, Mandy and Irwin.
General Skarr: Hector Con Carne's paramilitary commander who wants to become a ruler himself.
Jeff the Spider: A giant spider who thinks Billy is his father, because Billy incubated his egg.
Eris: She is a beautiful but vindictive blonde woman with a gap in her teeth. She personifies strife.

Production studio: Cartoon Network Studios

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