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Futurikon (based on characters by Hélène Brulier and Zep)


Who hasn’t felt out of place as a teenager? Who hasn’t felt absolutely ashamed because of a particular personal feature? Who hasn’t been bullied at school? No more of this! The Minimighty Kids can all turn their imperfections into superpowers thanks to a mysterious cosmic force! All of a sudden, their flaws become positive features. Also known as Les Minijusticiers in French.

Who are the main characters of The Minimighty Kids?

Vanessa: A blue girl dog. She likes a lot of boyish activities and has very unruly hair.
Bertrand: He's a little tiger with a high pitched voice, something he gets bullied for. He's a very good singer.
Mary: A young white rabbit who's very shy. She's often called "Mary tomato", because she easily blushes.
Mona: A grey wolf who's very unlucky in life. Others tend to stay away from her as they believe she brings bad luck.
Oliver: He's a very discreet and reserved white dog. He's so quiet that the others even forget that he's around.
Jerome: A little white rabbit who's afraid to say no to anyone. He's too kind, so the others tend to take advantage of him.
Lily: A little white goat. When she doesn't get what she wants, she becomes very vile and cruel.
Lucien: A bear who can't stop eating and who makes fun of everyone's faults.
Enzo: A skunk who's the teacher's pet.
Gaspard: A cat who has the most smelly feet. Whenever he's around, the others block their noses.

Production studio: Futurikon

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