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Country of origin

United States

Creation year



Jay Lender, Gary Pilla and Greg Scheetz


“The Nine Lives of Claw” is an animated series that features a sarcastic superhero cat and a genius but high-strung mouse who do not fight against each other but instead work together as reluctant superheroes for the greater good. The show involves super hi jinks, gadgetry, and hilarity, providing furious feline fun for all viewers. Their biggest enemies are the members of MUTT, the Malicious Unleashed Thugs and Thieves, a group of dogs who is up to no good.

Who are the main characters of The Nine Lives of Claw?

Claw: a slick blue alley cat. He's sarcastic and has a rather large ego and an attitude. He's careless and clumsy and he's not too good with handling hi-tech gadgets.
Edison: a genius, but high-strung mouse who is Claw's sidekick and works with him as a reluctant superhero.
Naz-T: a hot-headed hound and the leader of MUTT, the Malicious Unleashed Thugs and Thieves.
Professor Purrnelope: a cat who knows how to use her charm to outwit the members of MUTT.
Fleadipp: a rather clueless member of MUTT.
Roadkill: he's the number two of MUTT, but he acts like the leader of the pack. He is very sneaky and grouchy.

Production studio: Animasia Animation Studios

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