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Country of origin

United States of America

Creation year



Maurice Richlin and Blake Edwards


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The Pink Panther cartoon character as we know him is based on a valuable pink diamond called “the Pink Panther”. This gem featured in the original film about an incompetent French detective, Inspector Clouseau. In the credits the diamond was translated to the animated pink panther. The Pink Panther rapidly got his own cartoon show, where he always finds himself in some kind of trouble with the people living around him !

Who are the main characters of The Pink Panther?

The Pink Panther: A pink panther who is the main character of the cartoon. He is sly, cunning, and often outwits his enemies.
Inspector Clouseau: A bumbling French police inspector who is often the Pink Panther's foil. He is clumsy, absent-minded, and often makes things worse.
Chief Inspector Dreyfus: Inspector Clouseau's superior, who is often exasperated by Clouseau's antics. He is strict, no-nonsense, and wants things done by the book.
Sergeant Deux-Deux: Inspector Clouseau's partner, who is often bemused by Clouseau's antics. He is laid-back, easy-going, and often goes along with Clouseau's schemes.
Cato: Inspector Clouseau's manservant, who is often the victim of Clouseau's pranks. He is loyal, obedient, and often puts up with Clouseau's abuse.
The Colonel: The Pink Panther's nemesis, who is a military general with a Napoleon complex. He is short, power-hungry, and often tries to take over the world.
Professor Augustus: The Colonel's right-hand man, who is a mad scientist. He is diabolical, evil, and often creates gadgets for the Colonel to use in his schemes.
Professor Ludwig von Sacher: A rival of Professor Augustus, who is also a mad scientist. He is absent-minded, eccentric, and often invents things that go wrong.
Auntie Pristine Figg: The Pink Panther's rich great-aunt, who often leaves him money in her will. She is wealthy, generous, and often helps the Pink Panther out of financial trouble.
Mr. J.W. Pepper: A redneck sheriff who is often the Pink Panther's foil. He is dim-witted, easily- duped, and often ends up in the middle of the Panther's shenanigans.
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