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Marco Polo Learning


The Polos is a 3D animated educational children’s show, developed by learning experts in Early Childhood Education. Will the bunny, Chester the deer, Nash the baby ram, Gorby the hippo, Marco the Bear and Lily the Tiger tend to spend too much time on their mobile devices. It’s time to discover the real world and venture out and about with the PoloMobile! They go on a quest to discover all the secrets of the natural world, singing songs along the way. The Polos mixes animation and live footage from various places on Earth, like the savanna, the rainforest or the ocean.

Who are the main characters of The Polos?

Marco: A young, adventurous little bear who is one of the main characters of the show. He is enthusiastic, confident, trustworthy and kind.
Willow: This pink little rabbit is an engineering genius, she's the one who built the PoloMobile. She loves designing gadgets that help the Polos on their adventures.
Chester: He's a green deer who knows a lot of things about nature. He uses the PoloPad to find answers to the Polos' questions.
Gorby: He's an orange hippopotamus with an eye for detail. He often leads the Polos to new discoveries.
Lily: A member of Polos. She's an energetic and athletic cheetah. She constantly pushes her limits.
Nash: He's also a member of the Polos. He's the youngest of the team and is still very playful.

Production studio: Jam Filled Entertainment

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