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United States of America

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Hasbro – Takara

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The series Transformers follows Optimus Prime’s heroic team of Autobots and Megatron’s evil group of Decepticons as they leave their metallic planet of Cybertron in search of new energy sources to revitalize their war efforts. They crash-land on Earth, where they remain entombed for four million years. When they finally awake in 1984, the Decepticons start pillaging the energy sources of our Earth, while the Autobots try to protect their new world. They are hereby aided by human father and son Sparkplug and Spike Witwicky.

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The Transformers – The Veil of Mystery

The Transformers Episode 1 – More than meets the eye

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The Transformers Weapon

The Transformers Weapon

Decepticons running

Decepticons running

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How to draw The Transformers

The Transformers Ironhide

The Transformers Ironhide

The Transformers Bumblebee

The Transformers Bumblebee

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