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The Weekenders

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Country of origin

United States

Creation year



Doug Langdale


“The Weekenders” take us along the weekend life of a group of four 12-year-olds in Bahia Bay in California. Tino Tonitini, Lorraine MacQuarrie, Carver Rene Descartes and Petratishkovna Katsufrakis all have very diverse backgrounds, but they spend every weekend together. Every Friday after school, a problem seems to arise, which then escalates on Sunday and is finally solved on Sunday. A ticking clock shows the teenagers are running out of time: the problem needs to be fixed before going back to school on Monday. Each time the four friends go out for pizza, the same restaurant is presented with a different theme.

Who are the main characters of The Weekenders?

Carver Rene Descartes: an African-American boy with Haitian heritage. He's self-centered and fashion-conscious
Lorraine "Lor" McQuarrie: a Scottish-American girl, a hot-headed tomboy
Tino Tonitini: a humorous and neurotic Italian-American boy
Petratishkovna "Tish" Katsufrakis: an artistic Jewish-American girl
Coach Colson: the school's sports coach

Production studio: Disney Television Animation

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