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Country of origin

United States, Japan, United Kingdom

Creation year



Davey Moore and Emma Hogan



Team Tinpo is made up of four very colourful human-like creatures. Dougpo, Logipo, Hackpo and Tinpo spend their time fixing problems by applying creative solutions. Sometimes the problem isn’t fixed at the first go, but Team Tinpo is very stubborn and will keep on trying until they find the answer. Team Tinpo doesn’t shy away from anything and can take on the biggest jobs! With a can-do attitude and by thinking outside of the box, everything becomes possible.

Who are the main characters of Tinpo?

Tinpo: He's the leader of Team Tinpo.
Dougpo: He's an orange Tinpo who wears a full suit with visor, and has two antennas on his head.
Logipo: He is red and orange and wears a striped hat. He's a cautious member of Team Tinpo.
Hackpo: She is a girl from Team Tinpo. She's purple and invents gadgets.
Herman: He's the Team's pet hamster.
Finn: He's Team Tinpo's pet clown fish.
Frek: He's Team Tinpo's pet dog.
Duxx: He's Team Tinpo's pet duck.
Mayor Sho Po: She's the mayor of Team Tinpo's hometown.

Production studio: Cloudco Entertainment

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