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Bayard (based on the comic strips written by Jacqueline Cohen, Evelyne Reberg and illustrated by Bernadette Després)



The series “Tom-Tom et Nana” revolves around the daily life of the Dubouchon family at their restaurant, “A la bonne fourchette”. Tom-Tom and Nana, the mischievous siblings, are central to the plot as their antics and imaginative schemes often lead to comedic chaos, affecting their family and the restaurant’s patrons. The show humorously portrays the consequences of their actions and the family’s attempts to manage the mayhem, providing a lighthearted and entertaining glimpse into the challenges of running a family business with spirited children.

A first animated series was produced in 1997 and ran for 1 season of 52 episodes. In 2019, a new version of the series was launched.

Who are the main characters of Tom-Tom et Nana?

Tom-Tom Dubouchon: the only boy in the family, a dunce who is tired of Nana's excesses. More often than not, he's the one who gets into the most mischief. Clever and resourceful, he is around 8 or 9 years old.
Nana Dubouchon: the youngest child of the family, who lets herself go with Tom-Tom's mischief, whom she admires as much as Marie-Lou. She is about 6 or 7 years old. Her character, quite simple at first, evolves into a crazier personality.
Adrien Dubouchon: father of the children and the restaurant's head chef. Often grumpy, it seems that he is nevertheless a renowned chef, crowned with numerous awards, and his royal chouquette is famous.
Yvonne Dubouchon: mother of the children. More accommodating than her husband, but just as overwhelmed by her children's eccentricities.
Marie-Lou Dubouchon: the children's eldest teenager, who is in love with Mémed for most of the series (though this doesn't stop her from flirting with other young men), is annoyed with her two younger siblings.
Roberte Dubouchon: Adrien's sister and the children's aunt. She owns a canary and loves housework and schoolwork. She is the person the Dubouchons try most to avoid, but she often succeeds.
Mélanie Lano: assistant cook. It seems Gino is having an affair with her.
Gino Marto: he's a waiter from Italy, always very chic, with a very eccentric and boisterous mother, Mama Marto. He's very fond of Tom-Tom and Nana, but sometimes explodes at their pranks.
Mr. Henri: a regular customer in his sixties. Always very calm and composed at mealtimes, he is capable of great eccentricity the rest of the time.
Arthur: very temperamental and hot-tempered, Arthur is a child king whose every wish is granted. His parents protect him and spoil him excessively, making Arthur incapable of emotional stability. In fact, only Tom-Tom and Nana agree to play with him because they have to.
Mme. Mochu: a haughty client who is particularly ugly despite the care she takes with her appearance.
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