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Toot & Puddle

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Country of origin

Canada and United States of America

Creation year



Holly Hobbie



Toot & Puddle is an animated series based on the book series by author Holly Hobbie. Toot and Puddle are two adventurous pigs who live in Woodcock Pocket with Puddle’s cousin Tulip and their parrot friend Tulip. In each episode, Toot visits a new location and sends a postcard to Puddle telling him about the place or culture.

Who are the main characters of Toot & Puddle?

Toot: A little girl who loves to have adventures.
Puddle: Toot's best friend, a little boy who is always up for an adventure.
Opal: Toot's cat, who is very lazy and loves to sleep.
Goldie: Toot's goldfish, who is always excited and loves to swim.
Mo: Toot's pet mouse, who is very shy and loves to hide.
Mrs. Honeycutt: Toot's kind and loving neighbor.
Mr. Wilberforce: Toot's grumpy neighbor.
Mayor Hogbottom: The mayor of Toot's town, who is always busy and loves to help others.
Mrs. Jenkins: The owner of the local bakery, who is always friendly and loves to bake.
Mr. Fuzzybottom: The local librarian, who is always helpful and loves to read.
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