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Tree Fu Tom

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Set in the magical countryside and village of Treetopolis, Tree Fu Tom follows the adventures of Tom, a boy who can shrink to the size of an insect. This miniature hero helps to protect the woods and its inhabitants together with his friends Twigs, Squrimtum, Ariela and Zigzoo. Whenever Tom has trouble solving a problem by himself, he asks for magical help from the big world. By breaking the fourth wall and asking the viewers for help, he always ends up finding the solution!

Who are the main characters of Tree Fu Tom?

Tree Fu Tom: The main character, he is a small boy with big adventures. He uses a magical belt to transport into Treetopolis.
Twigs: Tom's best friend, she is a small acorn sprite who is always ready to help.
Treetog: A tree spirit, the friendly leader of Treetopolis.
Zigzoo: A tree frog . He's an eccentric inventor from Treetopolis.
Squirmtum: A woodlouse, who mines sap in the caverns. He also performs some general tasks in Treetopolis.
Ariela: She is a butterfly in charge of the Branch Ranch in Treetopolis. She likes to get her way and is quite feisty.
Rickety McGlum: He's an elderly spider from Treetopolis, he's a school teacher.
Stink and Puffy: They are sister and brother Mushas, two naughty fungi who are troublemakers.
Muru: A praying mantis who's Tom red magic teacher.
Racquette: She's Rickety's granddaughter, a troublesome spiderling.

Production studio: Blue Zoo Animation Studio

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