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Country of origin

United States

Creation year



DreamWorks Animation



The Trolls don’t need any introduction! Following the huge success of the musical films Trolls and Trolls World Tour, DreamWorks launched the animated series Trollstopia that follows all the beloved characters like Queen Poppy, Brand and many others. All music styles are represented, with hard rock music, pop, funk, techno, western, classic and so on. Be ready to sing and dance along these crazy new Trolls adventures!

Who are the main characters of Trollstopia?

Poppy: the main character, a optimistic and caring troll who is the princess of the trolls.
Branch: Poppy's best friend, a paranoid and cynical troll who is always looking out for danger.
Guy Diamond: a glittery and vain troll who loves attention and is always looking for a party.
DJ Suki: a upbeat and friendly troll who loves music and is always ready to throw a dance party.
Cooper: a laid back and easygoing troll who loves food and is always up for a good time.
Biggie: a big and friendly troll who loves to eat and is always up for a hug.
Tiny Diamond: a small and sassy troll who loves to sing and is always up for a challenge.
Smidge: a tiny and feisty troll who loves to play the drums and is always up for a fight.
Queen Barb: the main antagonist, a cruel and heartless troll who wants nothing more than to rule over all the trolls.
King Thrash: the secondary antagonist, a loud and aggressive troll who is always looking for a fight.

Production studio: DreamWorks Animation

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Trollstopia videos on Youtube

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Trollstopia Theme Song

Listen to the theme song of Trollstopia