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The animated series “VIP Pets” follows the adventures of six best friends: Juliet, Taylor, Alexia, Lady Gigi, Gwen, and Nyla, who are lovely dogs with long, colorful hair. The series revolves around their friendship and the importance of being yourself. In the show, children can follow the VIP Pets’ stories filled with friendship and engaging narratives. The animated series is a spin-off of the VIP Pets toys line, with little pet figurines that have a unique reveal element where you can unwrap and style their hair, making them an adorable addition to the collectible market. The toys come with accessories and a magic shampoo bottle for styling their 30cm long hair. Children can have fun revealing the colors in the pets’ hair by pouring water on them and then styling their hair using various accessories and ideas provided.

Who are the main characters of VIP Pets?

Juliet: a lovely little brown dog with a light brown patch around her nose.
Taylor: she loves to dance.
Alexia: a beautiful little dog with a blue patch around her eye.
Lady Gigi: a grey and white dog with floppy ears.
Gwen: a light brown dog.
Nyla: she enjoys yoga.
Fabio and Fabia: the owners of the hair salon where the VIP Pets come to style their hair.

Production studio: Hampa Animation Studio

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