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The Vroomiz are half-car, half-animal friends who live in Zippy City. The leader of the pack is Speeder, a brave and fast cheetah. The Vroomiz need to be creative and use teamwork to solve difficult problems, but they never forget to have fun !

Who are the main characters of Vroomiz?

Speeder: The leader of the Vroomiz. He's half car, half cheetah.
Bungee: Half car, half monkey. He's very funny and mischievous.
Cammy: Half bird, half helicopter. She wears a hat with a rotor.
Captain Elephire: Half elephant, half fire engine. He's always there to make sure every race is safe.
Jeraldina: Half giraffe, half tow truck.
Spunky: Speeder's rival in the races.
Lucy: Half dog, half ambulance. She's the resident nurse.
Ronda: Half rhino, half cleaning truck.
Bulldog: Half bulldog, half pick up truck. He's the baddie of Zippy City.
McTiger: Half tiger, half police car. McTiger is a strict police officer.

Production studio: Imira Entertainment

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