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We Baby Bears

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Country of origin

United States

Creation year



Based on characters created by Daniel Chong



Meet the baby versions of Grizz, Panda and Ice Bear in this spin-off prequel of the great We Bare Bears. In We Baby Bears, our three favorite bears need a new place to live. On board of a magical teleporting box, they go in search of a new home and visit the most fantastic worlds and places and meet the most incredible creatures! Follow the baby bears on their crazy adventures to find out where they feel most at home!

Who are the main characters of We Baby Bears?

Baby Grizz: He's the eldest of the three bears and acts as their leader. He means well, but sometimes easily gets carried away.
Baby Panda: He's tech-savvy and knows a lot about Asian culture.
Baby Ice Bear: He's the youngest of the Baby Bears, but also the strongest and the most mature one.
Charlie: A Bigfoot who is Baby Panda's best friend.
Madame Malin: She is one of the villains of the show. She's a red fox who's obsessed with capturing Baby Panda.
Squatter Otter: An otter who becomes friends with the bears during their adventures.
Francis: He's also a villain, one of the bears' classmates.
Unica: A unicorn who defends the forest.

Production studio: Cartoon Network Studios

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