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We Bare Bears

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Country of origin

United States of America

Creation year



Daniel Chong



We Bare Bears follows the adventures of three adoptive bear brothers: Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear. The brothers attempt to integrate with human society by copying human behaviour, such as buying groceries, making human friends or trying to become famous on the Internet. Although this seems very hard to do at first, they figure out that they have each other for support and they succeed in the end. The bear brothers often form a “bear stack”, where they stand on each others back, which they use to move around the city. The stack has become the most recognisable image from the show. Occasionally, the bears share adventures with their friends, such as Chloe Park, bigfoot Charlie, internet sensation Koala Nom Nom, park ranger Tabes and saleswoman Lucy.

Who are the main characters of We Bare Bears?

We Bare Bears: Three bears who try to fit in and live among humans.
Grizzly: The oldest and largest of the bears, he is the leader and the most level-headed.
Panda: The middle bear, he is the friendly and easy-going one.
Ice Bear: The youngest and smallest of the bears, he is the most mysterious and often speaks in one-liners.
Chloe: A human girl who befriends the bears and is often seen as their surrogate little sister.
Ranger Tabes: A park ranger who is often annoyed by the bears' antics but still cares for them.
Agent Trout: A fish-themed government agent who is tasked with hunting down the bears.
Baby Bears: Three bear cubs who are the bears' nephews.
Charlie: A human boy who is the bears' next-door neighbor.
Nom Nom: A celebrity panda who is the bears' arch-nemesis.
The information provided on this page about We Bare Bears isn’t endorsed by the creators or the production. It has been compiled by fans of the character(s) who want to share their passion. Feel free to share it if you also love this cartoon!

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