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Welcome to the Wayne

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United States

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Billy Lopez


This animated series was first released as a web series before premiering on Nickelodeon in 2017. It follows the daily life of Ansi Molina as he moves into a new place at the Wayne, a tall apartment building. To Ansi’s surprise, he is one of the few people being able to see the supernatural phenomena that occur at the Wayne. Together with his best friends Olly and Saraline Timbers, Ansi protects the building against an evil spy cell who seeks to use the building’s forces for their own evil plans.

Who are the main characters of Welcome to the Wayne?

Ansi Molina: The main protagonist. Still a newcomer to the Wayne, Ansi has lived in many different places with his family in the past.
Olly Timbers: A frequent source of comic relief, Olly is Ansi's best friend and Saraline's older brother.
Saraline Timbers: Olly's seven (later in season one, eight)-year-old sister, Saraline is serious, intelligent, and skilled with gadgets, and often acts as Team Timbers' leader.
Leif Bornwell III: A rich and somewhat selfish resident of the Wayne who credits himself for others' actions and whom Team Timbers has difficulty tolerating, often seen riding on a segway.
Wendell William Wasserman: The son of vampire hunters, Wendell seeks to capture a vampire for himself to prove that he is as capable as his parents.
Dennis O'Bannon: A tennis-playing rich kid who originally picked on Team Timbers until he befriended and joined them, though he still harasses Olly out of habit.
Goodness: A library ninja who is Clara Rhone's granddaughter, later becoming an official member of Team Timbers.
Katherine Alice: A mute girl who joins Team Timbers, able to bring origami to life. She later gains her voice in season

Albert Molina: Ansi's divorced father who works as a psychiatrist.
Harvey Timbers: The father of Olly and Saraline and the husband of Olympia. He also works as a comedian.

Production studio: Yowza! Animation

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