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Country of origin

United Kingdom

Creation year



CBeebies (based on the book by Oscar Brenifier and Jacques Despres)


Like most children his age, Hugo asks questions, LOTS of questions. Some of these questions are easy to answer, but others are bit more tricky? How do you explain to a young child what love is? Or how can you give a satisfying answer to why they dream or when they are grown-up exactly? “What’s the Big Idea?” touches on topics that are rarely mentioned in animated series. The show introduces big and difficult philosophical questions to very young children. With clear examples, the show rarely misses to give an answer to a question, still leaving enough room for parents to discuss the topic further with their child. So next time your child asks you why people feel sadness, or if anger can be a good thing, and you’re lost for words, try and watch “What’s the Big Idea?”.

Who are the main characters of What's the Big Idea??

Hugo: He is a little boy dressed completely in red. He takes the viewers on a philosophical journey, by asking difficult questions about life.
Lily: The off-screen voice of a young girl explaining things to Hugo
Felix: The off-screen voice of a young boy explaining things to Hugo

Production studio: Xilam

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