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All you need to know about

Winx Club

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Country of origin

Italy and United States of America

Creation year



Iginio Straffi


The Winx are a group of girl students at the Alfea College of Fairies, where they learn how to fight villains. The leader of this group is called Bloom, she has fire-based powers. Her friends Stella, Flora, Tecna, Musa and Aisha all have different magical powers. The boyfriends of the girls are called the Specialists, and they train how to use laser weapons. The girls and boys’s main ennemies are a trio of witches, called the Trix.

Who are the main characters of Winx Club?

Princess Bloom: The leader of the Winx Club, she is the most powerful fairy.
Princess Stella: She is the Fairy of the Shining Sun. She can manipulate light and use the energy from the sun and the moon. She's also a great fashion designer.
Princess Flora: She is the Fairy of Nature, the nature-lover of the group, she is gentle and caring.
Princess Musa: The rebel of the group, she is tough and independent. She is the Fairy of Music.
Princess Tecna: She is the Fairy of Technology, the tech-savvy of the group, she is intelligent and resourceful.
Princess Aisha: She is the Fairy of Waves, who joins the Winx after being rescued from Lord Darkar.
Roxy: She's the Fairy of Animals.
Prince Sky: The leader of the Specialists, male warriors who train at Red Fountain school.
Brandon: Sky's bodyguard and best friend. He is Princess Stella's fiancé.
The Trix: Three witches who are the Winx' enemies. There's Icy, Darcy and Stormy, who each have various powers.

Production studio: Rainbow SpA

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