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United States

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Christy Hui


“Xiaolin Chronicles” is an American animated television series that serves as a follow-up to the original show “Xiaolin Showdown.” The series was first aired in 2013. It continues the adventures of four young Xiaolin monks: Omi, Kimiko, Raimundo, and Clay. These monks train in the ancient art of Xiaolin Kung Fu and embark on a quest to find and protect magical artifacts known as Shen Gong Wu, mystical objects with powerful and unique abilities.

Throughout the series, the monks face various challenges and battles, both individually and as a team. They are often pitted against evil forces, including new villains and their old nemesis, Jack Spicer. The show introduces a new character, Ping Pong, a young monk who becomes the fifth member of the team and brings his own unique skills and personality to the group.

“Xiaolin Chronicles” retains much of the humor, action, and mystical elements that were popular in “Xiaolin Showdown.” It features a mix of martial arts, magic, and fantasy, combined with the themes of friendship, loyalty, and the battle between good and evil. The series is known for its distinctive animation style and has garnered a dedicated fan base, appealing to both new viewers and fans of the original series.

Who are the main characters of Xiaolin Chronicles?

Omi: a young, ambitious monk who is often considered the central character. He is known for his dedication to Xiaolin training and his sometimes naïve perspective.
Kimiko Tohomiko: the only female member of the original team, Kimiko is tech-savvy, fashionable, and a skilled fighter.
Raimundo Pedrosa:
Clay Bailey: hailing from Brazil, Raimundo is laid-back yet talented, often providing a counterbalance to Omi's seriousness.
Dojo Kanojo Cho a cowboy from Texas, Clay is the strong, silent type, known for his physical strength and down-to-earth wisdom.
Master Fung: a small, dragon-like creature, Dojo serves as the team's main mode of transportation and provides comic relief.
Ping Pong: a new addition to the team in "Xiaolin Chronicles," Ping Pong is a young, enthusiastic monk who idolizes Omi.
Jack Spicer: a recurring antagonist, Jack is a self-proclaimed evil genius and inventor, often providing comic villainy with his humorous failures.
Chase Young: a powerful and immortal warrior, Chase Young is a major villain in the series, known for his strength, intelligence, and manipulation.
Shadow: introduced in "Xiaolin Chronicles," Shadow is a female villain who often teams up with Jack Spicer and possesses her own unique abilities and ambitions.

Production studio: Technicolor Animation Productions

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