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OLM, Inc. (based on the video game created by Level-5)


“Yo-kai Watch” is a Japanese animated series based on the video game of the same name. The series is set in the city of Springdale and follows the adventures of a young boy named Nate Adams. One day, Nate comes across a mysterious watch that allows him to see supernatural creatures called Yo-kai. The Yo-kai are invisible to most humans and are responsible for causing various mischievous and troublesome events in the human world.

Nate soon learns that he has been chosen as the Yo-kai Watch wielder and sets out on a journey to befriend and collect as many Yo-kai as possible. He is aided in his quest by a group of Yo-kai that become his friends, including Whisper, a ghostly butler who acts as Nate’s guide, and Jibanyan, a cat Yo-kai who is seeking revenge on a car that ran him over.

As Nate travels the world of Yo-kai and solves various problems caused by mischievous Yo-kai, he also learns more about the history of the Yo-kai Watch and its role in maintaining balance between the Yo-kai world and the human world. Along the way, Nate faces many challenges and battles against various evil Yo-kai who seek to use the power of the Yo-kai Watch for their own evil purposes.

Throughout the series, Nate encounters many different Yo-kai, each with its own unique personality and abilities. Some are friendly and help Nate in his adventures, while others are mischievous and cause trouble for Nate and his friends. As Nate collects more and more Yo-kai, he also learns how to use the power of the Yo-kai Watch to summon and control his Yo-kai friends in battles against other Yo-kai.

The series also explores the relationships between Nate and his human friends, as well as the relationships between the Yo-kai. Through these relationships, the series highlights themes of friendship, teamwork, and the importance of understanding and accepting those who are different from us.

“Yo-kai Watch” is a highly entertaining and engaging animated series that is loved by audiences of all ages. With its fun characters, interesting world-building, and exciting battles, the series is sure to keep you entertained and on the edge of your seat. Whether you’re a fan of the video game, or just looking for a fun and exciting animated series to watch, “Yo-kai Watch” is a must-see!

Who are the main characters of Yo-Kai Watch?

Nate Adams: the main protagonist of the series, Nate is a curious and adventurous boy who becomes the Yo-kai Watch wielder. He is kind and brave, always willing to help those in need.
Whisper: a ghostly butler who acts as Nate's guide in the world of Yo-kai. Whisper is intelligent and knowledgeable, but can also be sarcastic and mischievous at times.
Jibanyan: a cat Yo-kai who is seeking revenge on a car that ran him over. Jibanyan is brave and strong, but can also be a bit of a goofball at times.
Komasan: a Yo-kai who is originally from the countryside and is fascinated by city life. Komasan is naive and innocent, but also kind and good-natured.
Katie Forester: one of Nate's best friends, Katie is kind and friendly, but can also be bossy and stubborn at times.
Bear: a large and intimidating Yo-kai who is actually quite friendly and gentle. Bear is brave and dependable, but can also be a bit slow-witted.
Eddie: a talented and smart Yo-kai who is often hired to solve problems. Eddie is confident and assertive, but can also be a bit of a show-off.
Manjimutt: a dog Yo-kai who is originally from a wealthy family, but now works as a detective. Manjimutt is cunning and resourceful, but also somewhat absent-minded.
Robonyan: he is a robot Yo-kai who is obsessed with becoming human, and is often shown to be humorous and playful. He is also depicted as a bit of a goofball and tends to get into trouble due to his lack of understanding of human emotions and social norms.

Production studio: OLM

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