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YooHoo & Friends

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Country of origin

South Korea

Creation year



David Feiss and Aurora World



YooHoo and his friends are little animals who resemble endangered species. They live on Yootopia where they grow the Tree of Life. When all the seeds accidentally get blown away to Earth, they get swept away as well and find themselves on our planet. They now must try and fin the magical seeds in order to return home. During their journey, they make new friends and have all sorts of adventures.

Who are the main characters of YooHoo & Friends?

YooHoo: A bush baby and the leader of the Furry 5 who guides the others in search for gemstones.
Lemmee: A ring-tailed lemur and the sourpuss.
Roodee: A capuchin monkey and the inventor.
Pammee: A fennec fox and the princess.
Chewoo: A red squirrel and the cheerleader.
Father Time: Controls time and acts as the narrator of the series, introducing each episode.
Mother Nature: Father Time's wife.
Pookee 1, 2 and 16: A trio of meerkats who try to steal the Furry 5's gems to make their wish.
Santa Claus: Father Time's next door neighbor and has a friend-enemy relationship with him.
The Easter Bunny: Another friend to Father Time.
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