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Sayo Yamamoto and Mitsurō Kubo



Yuri on Ice is a Japanese sports anime about figure skating on ice. The series raises issues such as homosexuality in sports, anxiety, competitiveness and the rigour of training schedules.

Who are the main characters of Yuri on Ice?

Yuri Katsuki: A figure skating prodigy who has lost his passion for the sport.
Viktor Nikiforov: A five-time world champion figure skater who takes Yuri under his wing.
Yuri Plisetsky: A teenage figure skating phenom from Russia who is determined to dethrone Yuri.
Christophe Giacometti: A French figure skater and Viktor's former rival.
Seung-gil Lee: A South Korean figure skater and Yuri's former rival.
Phichit Chulanont: A Thai figure skater and Yuri's best friend.
Otabek Altin: An Uzbek figure skater and Yuri's friend.
Mila Babicheva: Yuri's coach at the ice rink.
Yakov Feltsman: Viktor's former coach and the current head coach of the Russian national team.
Georgi Popovich: Yuri's coach at the skating academy.
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