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Country of origin

France and Australia

Creation year



Michel Gay


Young zebra Zou (full name Bizou) is extremely curious about the world around him and is very impatient to discover what’s in store for him. As an only child, Zou needs to venture out and make new friends. But like any other child, Zou feels a little anxious whenever something new happens. Luckily, Zou is supported by his parents, grandparents and great-grandmother. With their help, he’s less afraid to discover and explore.

Who are the main characters of Zou?

Zou: A young zebra who is curious and adventurous.
Poc: A parakeet, who never leaves Zou's side. He lives inside a clock in Zou's room.
Elzee Blackhoof: Zou's friend and nextdoor neighbour. She often plays with Zou.
Zinnia Stripeman: She's Zou's cousin, who loves ballet. Zou is not so fond of her.
Zak A. Zoey Jr: One of Zou's friends, a chubby little zebra.
Nana: Zou's great-grandmother, who's a very talented piano player.
Mr. Zoey: Zak's father, who owns a shop and also works as postman.
Mrs. Brenda Zolli: The school crossing guard.
Mum and Dad: Zou's parents. His mum works at a hospital.
Grandpa and Grandma: Zou's grandparents.

Production studio: Dwarf Animation Studio

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