B.E.N. from Treasure Planet

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1. B.E.N. was initially reluctant to help Jim find the treasure, as he didn’t want to be trapped on Treasure Planet again.
2. B.E.N. was able to remember one clue that would lead Jim to Flint’s treasure. He reveals that the treasure is “buried in the centroid of the mechanism.”
3. In exchange, Jim allows B.E.N. to come along with the crew on their adventure, as long as he didn’t talk so much and touch Jim.
4. B.E.N. went to disable the laser cannon for Jim. However, while searching for the laser cannon wire, he kept pulling wires that put Jim at risk.
5. B.E.N. was useful later on when Jim, the crew, and Silver’s pirates found the treasure. Jim found B.E.N.’s memory chip in Flint’s skeleton. Jim put it back in B.E.N.’s head and gave him his memories back.

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