Barry from Home On The Range

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1. Barry and Bob are first seen sleeping at a cattle drive with the other 4,998 cattle.
2. When Maggie, Grace, and Mrs. Calloway pass by, they all wake up and Barry and Bob begin flirting with the dairy cows, much to Maggie and Mrs. Calloway’s disgust, though Grace doesn’t seem to mind the bulls’ company.
3. She then says that Barry and Bob might be able to help them, to which the two bulls suggestively agree (in a flirtatious tone) that they can all “help” each other.
4. Knowing what Barry and Bob meant, Maggie and Mrs. Calloway become even more disgusted.
5. Barry and Bob continue to pursue the dairy cows even after they are no longer in sight, much to the rest of the cattle’s amusement.

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