Disney Cartoons,
names starting with A

  • Aaron T.  from  Turning Red

    Aaron T. from Turning Red

    👉 A few facts:

    1. 4★Town is extremely popular, and their concerts always draw in a huge crowd.
    2. The band has toured in numerous countries, including Australia.
    3. Each member of 4★Town corresponds to one of Mei’s friends – Mei’s favorite member being Robaire.
    4. After the Red Moon Ritual, Ming comes to respect Mei and her interests more, including 4★Town.
    5. Robaire is a black French-Canadian man with dark skin, short dark brown hair cut in a fade, green eyes and an eyebrow slit.

  • Aaron Z.  from  Turning Red

    Aaron Z. from Turning Red

    👉 A few facts:

    1. When Robaire first joined 4★Town, he was nervous about how he would be received by the other members and fans.
    2. Despite being popular, 4★Town never forget their humble beginnings and still treat their fans with the same respect and love.
    3. 4★Town’s success is largely due to the fact that each member brings something unique to the group, complementing each other perfectly.
    4. The bond between the members of 4★Town is incredibly strong, and they are more like a family than a band.
    5. 4★Town’s music is able to transcend language barriers, connecting with people all over the world.

  • Abby  from  Chicken Little

    Abby from Chicken Little

    👉 A few facts:

    When Abby first appears in class, she makes her teacher jump with her voice and appearance. Later, she’s at the gym talking to Chicken Little while they play dodgeball.Chicken Little confides in Abby that he has a plan to take care of his problems with his dad, but Abby tries to convince him that closure would be more helpful. Despite her best efforts, Chicken Little sticks to his plan.
    When Chicken Little joins the baseball team, Abby and Runt and Fish help him train for the games.

  • Abby  from  Turning Red

    Abby from Turning Red

    👉 A few facts:

    1. Abby loves to punch her friends when they request it.
    2. Abby can get very angry at herself if she makes a mistake. 3. Abby isn’t the brightest in terms of intelligence, as she sometimes gives misinformation by remembering things wrongly. 4. Abby loves to hug Mei whenever she is in red panda mode since she is very fluffy.
    5. Abby is constantly energized and can get mad more easily than Mei, which can sometimes distract her.

  • Abby Mallard  from  Chicken Little

    Abby Mallard from Chicken Little

    👉 A few facts:

    1. Abby was first seen in class, making her teacher jump by her voice and appearance right after Foxy Loxy fakely coughs out the words “ugly duckling.”
    2. Later, she was at the gym talking to Chicken Little while playing dodgeball.
    3. Chicken Little said that he had a plan; Abby thinks that closure, where one has a conversation about feelings, would be more helpful, especially for Chicken Little’s dad.
    4. But despite trying to convince him with magazines and trying to get Runt and Fish to agree, Chicken Little decides to stick to his plan.
    5. When Chicken Little joins the baseball team, Abby and Runt and Fish, help him train for the games.

  • Abel Rivera  from  Coco

    Abel Rivera from Coco

    👉 A few facts:

    1. He’s a big football fan, and always has been. When he was younger, he used to play in the park with his friends.
    2. He’s always been a funny guy, and loves making people laugh. He’s always the life of the party.
    3. He’s a very caring person, and always goes out of his way to help others. He’s always willing to lend a listening ear.
    4. He hates music, and has never been a fan of any type of music. He thinks it’s all noise.
    5. At the end of the film, he plays the accordion at the Dia de los Muertos. He’s never played before, but he picks it up quickly.

  • Abigail Callaghan  from  Big Hero 6

    Abigail Callaghan from Big Hero 6

    👉 A few facts:

    1. Abigail Callaghan was a famous roboticist’s daughter, and a pilot working for Krei Technologies.
    2. Abigail is everything to her father, and he is willing to do anything for her – even if it means giving up his identity and abandoning his colleagues and friends.
    3. Not much is known about Abigail, but from her father’s dedication to her it seems she was a good girl that any father would be proud of, and she and her father were very close.
    4. As a child, she may have had a wild side because she wanted to participate in robot fights and she was interested in technology.
    5. She is very brave and dedicated to her work and to science, willing to go where no one has gone before.

  • Abigail Gabble  from  The Aristocats

    Abigail Gabble from The Aristocats

    👉 A few facts:

    1. When they first meet, Amelia and Abigail mistake Thomas O’Malley for a drowning man and attempt to save him.
    2. O’Malley is initially annoyed with the geese but eventually agrees to travel with them to Paris.
    3. The geese are scandalized to find out that O’Malley is not Duchess’s husband.
    4. Amelia and Abigail are twins from England who are touring France.
    5. The geese offer to travel with the cats to Paris and place them in a “V” shape before setting off.

  • Abis Mal  from  The Return of Jafar

    Abis Mal from The Return of Jafar

    👉 A few facts:

    1. Abis Mal once tried to wish for more wishes from a genie, but was stopped by Jafar before he could finish.
    2. Abis Mal once stumbled upon a magical lamp, but was too afraid to rub it in case it was a trap set by his enemies.
    3. On one occasion, Abis Mal’s henchmen were able to steal a treasure chest from Aladdin, but Mal was so greedy that he kept the entire contents for himself and only gave his henchmen a tiny purse-bag with a minimum amount of coins as their reward.
    4. Abis Mal once found a magical ring that granted him the power of invisibility, but he was so clumsy that he kept dropping it and giving away his position.
    5. In one of his schemes, Abis Mal was able to convince Jafar to give him a magical staff that granted wishes, but he was so dim-witted that he wished for things that ended up getting him trapped or placed in danger.

  • Abner  from  Home On The Range

    Abner from Home On The Range

    👉 A few facts:

    1. Abner Dixon was a tough rancher, but even he couldn’t stop Alameda Slim from stealing his entire cattle herd.

    2. After Slim stole the cattle, Dixon had to sell the ranch.

    3. Maggie was brought to Little Patch of Heaven after Slim stole the Dixon’s cattle.

    4. Pearl Gesner took Maggie in and cared for her after Slim stole the Dixon’s cattle.

    5. Alameda Slim was arrested when he tried to buy Little Patch of Heaven. It is unknown what happened to the Dixon Ranch after that.

  • Abominable Snow Plow  from  Cars

    Abominable Snow Plow from Cars

    👉 A few facts:

    1. The Yeti is a monster who worked at Monsters, Inc. until he got banished to the Himalayas by Waternoose for discovering letters regarding the latter’s involvement with the Scream Extractor.
    2. Despite being banished, the Yeti likes living in the human world.
    3. The Yeti is first mentioned by Mike along with Loch Ness and Bigfoot as the three monsters to all have one thing in common: banishment.
    4. When Mike and Sulley get banished to the wasteland in the Himalayas, they fight each other until the shadow of a huge and seemingly menacing figure appears.
    5. The Yeti also shows himself to be a comedian, such as when he mentions about his friend Bigfoot, who has called himself “King Itchy” to cheer up Sulley.

  • Abu  from  The Return of Jafar

    Abu from The Return of Jafar

    👉 A few facts:

    1. Aladdin and Abu steal treasures back from band of robbers and distribute among the poor.

    2. Aladdin and Jasmine have a disagreement about Iago but eventually reconcile.

    3. The Sultan announces that he wants to make Aladdin his new grand vizier.

    4. Jafar orders Iago to release him from the lamp but Iago throws it into a well instead.

    5. Genie returns from seeing the world and is glad to be home in Agrabah.

  • Abuela Alma  from  Encanto

    Abuela Alma from Encanto

    👉 A few facts:

    1. Alma’s husband Pedro sacrificed himself to save her and their triplets during the Thousand Days’ War.

    2. Alma was heartbroken after witnessing her husband’s death.

    3. Alma prayed for a miracle and was immediately granted one.

    4. Magic was born from Alma’s candle, and the magic created the Encanto where Alma and the rest of the citizens who escaped with her could live in peace.

    5. The miracle also vanquishing the invading army, created a mountain range to protect the Encanto, and also granted Alma a sentient house for her and her family to live in.

  • Abuelita  from  Coco

    Abuelita from Coco

    👉 A few facts:

    1. Elena was taught how to make shoes by her maternal grandmother Imelda.
    2. Imelda passed away before or after Elena met and married Franco.
    3. Elena continued her grandmother’s rules, including the ban on music, and raised the future generations of her family accordingly.
    4. Abuelita is the loving and overprotective matriarch of the Riveras.
    5. Abuelita strictly enforces the ban against music set by her grandmother, Imelda, to the point that she disallows any kind of musical expression made by anyone in her family, like whistling, tapping one’s toe, or even making a rhythm.

  • Acer  from  Cars 2

    Acer from Cars 2

    👉 A few facts:

    1. Acer has always felt like an outcast in the car world, but he found his place when he joined forces with fellow “lemon” cars as henchmen for the devious Professor Z.
    2. Acer is fiercely loyal to Professor Z and is always on the lookout for American and British secret agents who might be trying to steal information about the professor’s underhanded plot.
    3. Acer’s primary target is Mater, who has been mistaken for a spy. Acer tries very hard to be a tough guy, but he is over eager compared to his no-nonsense partner Grem.
    4. Acer is a tough guy, but he has a soft spot for his friend Mater. When Mater is in trouble, Acer is always the first to try and help.
    5. Acer may be a lemon, but he’s a tough little car who is always ready to take on whatever challenge comes his way.

  • Achilles  from  The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2

    Achilles from The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2

    👉 A few facts:

    1. Achilles and his owner Phoebus are first seen exploring the town of Paris after the musical number Out There where he tells two guards that he is looking for the palace of justice but they ignore him.
    2. Later when the Brutish and Oafish guards attack Esmeralda and Esmeralda escapes, the two guards try to chase her but then bump into Achilles where Phoebus tells him to sit down.
    3. When Phoebus asks the guards to be escorted, the two escort him to the Palace of Justice.
    4. Achilles and Phoebus are briefly seen during the musical number Topsy Turvy following Frollo’s guards to their master and later during the part where Frollo tasks Phoebus to find Esmeralda.
    5. Achilles later appears briefly during the scene when Frollo’s guards prepare an ambush in Paris to look for Esmeralda and later during the final battle when all the citizens are fighting against Frollo’s guards including the part where Djali hits into the and Phoebus tells him to sit.

  • Acorn Mascot  from  Chicken Little

    Acorn Mascot from Chicken Little

    👉 A few facts:

    1. Chicken Little was originally written as a female character, but the gender flip occurred because of the notion that boys will not watch a film with a female lead.
    2. Before Zach Braff was cast as Chicken Little, Michael J. Fox, Matthew Broderick, and David Spade were originally considered for the role.
    3. Despite his smart nature, Chicken Little has a tendency to worry about everything and can be both impulsive and quick to jump to conclusions.
    4. After the incident where he panicked and thought that the sky was falling, Chicken Little remains determined and optimistic that he can redeem himself in everyone’s eyes.
    5. Chicken Little is also kind and supportive, especially to the people he cares about the most like his family and friends.

  • Adella  from  The Little Mermaid

    Adella from The Little Mermaid

    👉 A few facts:

    1. Despite being the eldest daughter of King Triton, Attina often feels like she is being bossed around by her siblings.

    2. Attina is highly educated and well read, and she shares a close bond with Ariel.

    3. Attina is the most loyal and obedient daughter of King Triton, and she is usually reluctant to participate in activities that he does not approve of.

    4. Attina has a pet catfish named Fin-Fin, and she is known for having a calm and rational demeanor.

    5. Attina is terrified of letting her father down and is often reluctant to take on new responsibilities.

  • Agent  from  Bolt

    Agent from Bolt

    👉 A few facts:

    1. The Agent is always trying to get Penny to work, even if it means taking away from her time with Bolt.
    2. The Agent is very unsympathetic and doesn’t care about Bolt, Penny, or her mother.
    3. The Agent is very greedy and will do anything for money.
    4. When Bolt goes missing, the Agent tries to force Penny to work with a dog that resembles Bolt.
    5. The Agent tries to exploit Penny’s near death experience from the fire for his own gain, which promptly results in his downfall.

  • Aguanoggin  from  Treasure Planet

    Aguanoggin from Treasure Planet

    👉 A few facts:

    1. Snuff is known for his strange tentacles and his ability to make flatulent noises.

    2. Doppler is the only one who can communicate with him, thanks to his years of studying “Flatula.”

    3. Snuff’s suction cups are very helpful in zero-gravity situations.

    4. Snuff is a big fan of junk food, and often has to be coaxed into eating healthier options.

    5. Snuff is very laid-back and easygoing, but can be fiercely protective of his friends when necessary.

  • Agustín  from  Encanto

    Agustín from Encanto

    👉 A few facts:

    1. Agustín’s parents still live in Encanto, and he is very close to them.
    2. Agustín is accident-prone, and often needs to be healed quickly. This led him to meet the community healer Julieta.
    3. Julieta and Agustín eventually fell in love and got married, much to the disapproval of Julieta’s mother.
    4. Agustín and Julieta have three daughters together.
    5. Agustín is very close to his brother-in-law Félix, and the two often go on adventures together.

  • AJ  from  Up

    AJ from Up

    👉 A few facts:

    1. George and A.J. are in for a long week as more and more seniors attempt to escape Shady Oaks.

    2. The van’s alarm becomes a constant sound as it is constantly being set off by floating houses.

    3. George and A.J. develop a system to try and prevent escapes, but it’s not foolproof.

    4. One senior citizen is particularly clever and escapes multiple times, much to the frustration of George and A.J.

    5. Ultimately, Carl’s escape inspires a mass exodus from Shady Oaks, leaving George and A.J. with no one to escort.

  • Akela  from  The Jungle Book

    Akela from The Jungle Book

    👉 A few facts:

    1. Akela is the leader of the pack in Jungle Cubs.
    2. He is seen at the beginning of the film when the pack learns that Shere Khan has returned to their part of the jungle.
    3. Akela states that Shere Khan wants to kill Mowgli and not even the strength of the entire pack could fight him off.
    4. Bagheera takes Mowgli to the Man Village at Akela’s request.
    5. Akela and the other wolves are not seen again after Mowgli leaves the jungle.

  • Al McWhiggin  from  Toy Story 2

    Al McWhiggin from Toy Story 2

    👉 A few facts:

    1. Al is so greedy that he once tried to steal Woody from Andy, despite knowing that Woody wasn’t for sale.

    2. Al is so immature that he once yelled at a front desk manager, telling him to be especially careful with his case.

    3. Al is so convinced that the world revolves around him that he had an overdramatic reaction to being woken up by Stinky Pete.

    4. Al is so funny that he once freaked out childishly when Woody’s broken arm fell off.

    5. Al is so intelligent that he has been able to sell off entire collections of toys to make money.

  • Al Oft  from  Cars

    Al Oft from Cars

    👉 A few facts:

    1. Chick Hicks was not a popular racer, even among his own fans.
    2. Lightning McQueen was missing for five days before the final race.
    3. Chick Hicks spent practice time around the speedway, while also gaining many fans including McQueen’s own fans Mia and Tia.
    4. McQueen gets a poor start, as a result of him daydreaming about his new friends from Radiator Springs.
    5. Chick, tired of The King’s defensing, rams him off the track, resulting in The King having a huge crash. However, McQueen, upon seeing the crash, stops before the finish line and pushes The King across, while Chick wins the race.

  • Aladar  from  Dinosaur

    Aladar from Dinosaur

    👉 A few facts:

    1. Aladar is always looking out for the weaker members of the herd and does everything he can to help them survive.

    2. Aladar has a deep bond with his lemur family and treats them with love and respect.

    3. Aladar is a natural leader and this often puts him at odds with Kron.

    4. Despite their differences, Aladar displayed sorrow when Kron was killed by a Carnotaur.

    5. When the herd is attacked, Aladar always encourages them to stand together.

  • Aladdin  from  The Return of Jafar

    Aladdin from The Return of Jafar

    👉 A few facts:

    1. Aladdin and Abu are able to steal back the treasures and distribute them among the poor of Agrabah because they are very quick and nimble.
    2. Aladdin gives Jasmine a jewel flower because he knows she will appreciate its beauty.
    3. Iago is able to convince Aladdin that he is innocent by pretending to be under Jafar’s hypnotic spell.
    4. Aladdin is able to save Iago from being captured by Abis Mal and his men because he is faster and more agile.
    5. Jasmine is able to reconcile with Aladdin because she understands that he was only trying to help Iago.

  • Alameda Slim  from  Home On The Range

    Alameda Slim from Home On The Range

    👉 A few facts:

    1. Despite being a cattle rustler, Slim is a vegetarian and only rustles cattle for the money.
    2. Slim’s yodeling skills are so powerful that they can even hypnotize humans.
    3. Slim’s steed Junior is actually a buffalo, and is just as powerful as Slim.
    4. Slim’s business partner Mr. Wesley is actually a secret bounty hunter.
    5. Slim’s nephews the Willie Brothers are also undead, and help him with his rustling.

  • Alan-a-Dale  from  Robin Hood

    Alan-a-Dale from Robin Hood

    👉 A few facts:

    1.Alan-A-Dale is based on the minstrel of the same name from various Robin Hood legends and is depicted as a rooster.
    2. He only states his name at the beginning of the film, where he also introduces himself as a minstrel.
    3. He functions as the narrator, using songs to tell the story.
    4. He is always seen with his lute.
    5. Alan-A-Dale first appears in the film’s opening, where he introduces himself and then begins telling the story of Robin Hood, him stating that his story was the real story (stating that the animal kingdom knew what truly happened) starting from when Robin Hood and Little John are escaping from The Sheriff of Nottingham and his Wolf Arrowmen, during the song sequence “Oo-De-Lally” which he sang.

  • Alana  from  The Little Mermaid

    Alana from The Little Mermaid

    👉 A few facts:

    1. Attina is very responsible and takes her role as crown princess very seriously.
    2. Attina is the oldest daughter of King Triton and Queen Athena and is heir to the throne of Atlantica.
    3. Attina is very intelligent and well-read.
    4. Attina has a close relationship with her sister Ariel and is like a mother figure to her.
    5. Attina is very obedient to her father and is scared of disappointing him.