Disney Cartoons,
names starting with A

  • Albert Hinkey  from  Cars

    Albert Hinkey from Cars

    πŸ‘‰ A few facts:

    1. After his successful career as a Piston Cup racer, Lightning McQueen is suddenly pushed out of the sport he loves by a new generation of faster racers.
    2. In order to get back in the game, Lightning McQueen enlists the help of a young race technician with her own plans to win.
    3. Lightning McQueen takes inspiration from the late Fabulous Hudson Hornet and makes a few unexpected turns to get back in the game.
    4. Proving that he isn’t through yet, Lightning McQueen tests his heart on Piston Cup Racing’s biggest stage.
    5. After a violent rollover crash ends his career, Lightning McQueen decides to start training again to regain his edge.

  • Alberto Scorfano  from  Luca

    Alberto Scorfano from Luca

    πŸ‘‰ A few facts:

    1. Alberto is very proud of his knowledge of the human world and is eager to share it with Luca.
    2. Alberto is all about having fun and is rarely serious.
    3. One of Alberto’s dreams is to ride a Vespa.
    4. After meeting Luca, Alberto insists on taking the lead.
    5. Seeing Luca and Giulia bonding over common interests makes Alberto distraught.

  • Alcmene  from  Hercules

    Alcmene from Hercules

    πŸ‘‰ A few facts:

    1. Amphitryon and Alcmene were shocked when they found out that Hercules had divine strength.

    2. Pain and Panic were terrified when they saw that Hercules was able to tie them up and throw them away with his divine strength.

    3. Amphitryon and Alcmene were grateful when the Gods gave them Hercules as a son.

    4. Hercules’ biological parents watched him grow up from Mount Olympus with pride.

    5. Amphitryon and Alcmene taught Hercules to use his divine strength for good.

  • Alex  from  The Little Mermaid II

    Alex from The Little Mermaid II

    πŸ‘‰ A few facts:

    1. Alex is extremely strong for his age, and can often be seen lifting heavy objects or working out.

    2. Alex’s tan skin comes from spending a lot of time outdoors, and his green eyes are said to be the result of a mutation.

    3. Alex’s neck-length blond hair is often styled in a Mohawk, and he is known for his unique fashion sense.

    4. Alex’s green tail is said to be the result of a magical accident, and it is said to have special powers.

    5. Alex is known for being extremely outgoing and friendly, and he is always up for a good time.

  • Alexander Hugo  from  Cars 2

    Alexander Hugo from Cars 2

    πŸ‘‰ A few facts:

  • Alfredo Linguini  from  Ratatouille

    Alfredo Linguini from Ratatouille

    πŸ‘‰ A few facts:

    1. Linguini is a very clumsy individual who has never had anyone expect anything from him before.

    2. Linguini is a very kindhearted person who wouldn’t drown Remy after looking into his eyes.

    3. Linguini holds some distrust of Remy, as shown when he woke up the next morning and saw Remy’s bed empty and his eggs stolen.

    4. Linguini’s trust with Remy deepens after they realize Remy can control Linguini’s body using his hair.

    5. Linguini is shown to have skills at skating, which helped him become a waiter when Remy and Colette were cooking the night Anton Ego was going to critique their restaurant.

  • Alice  from  Alice In Wonderland

    Alice from Alice In Wonderland

    πŸ‘‰ A few facts:

    1. Walt Disney was very specific about who he wanted to voice Alice.
    2. He wanted someone with an English accent to appeal to the British audience but not too English so as to alienate the American audience.
    3. He found what he was looking for in young actress Kathryn Beaumont and gave her the part a few hours after her audition.
    4. Many of Disney’s animated heroines were voiced by live action actresses who served as reference material for the animators.
    5. Alice was designed to look a little older than her 7 year old counterpart in the books.

  • Alice’s Sister  from  Alice In Wonderland

    Alice’s Sister from Alice In Wonderland

    πŸ‘‰ A few facts:

    1. The sister is never given a name because the author wanted her to be a symbol of the nameless, average older sister.
    2. The sister is always reading books, but Alice loses interest in them because they are boring.
    3. After Alice wakes up from her dream, she is very interested in everything she dreamed about.
    4. Alice’s sister stays on the riverbank after Alice goes home, imagining everything Alice told her.
    5. The sister is mentioned as “this same little sister of hers” in the end, indicating that she is the older of the two.

  • Alien Cop  from  Chicken Little

    Alien Cop from Chicken Little

    πŸ‘‰ A few facts:

    1. The first time they went to Oakey Oaks, they had no idea what they were looking for. They just knew they needed acorns.

    2. They soon realized that the acorns were the key to making their in-laws happy.

    3. They make sure to get a big batch of acorns every year to keep their in-laws happy.

    4. The acorns have become a symbol of their love for their in-laws.

    5. They always joke that if they ever run out of acorns, they’ll have to find a new planet to visit.

  • Aliens  from  Toy Story 2

    Aliens from Toy Story 2

    πŸ‘‰ A few facts:

    1. The Little Green Men are known for their near-worship of “The Claw”, the claw of the game they are a part of.
    2. All LGMs have a telepathic link to one another, which is powered by an object on their homeworld, which is known as the Uni-Mind.
    3. Without the Uni-Mind, the LGMs have trouble thinking clearly, and their capability is more than halved.
    4. Despite the shared telepathic link, select LGMs have been known to pursue personal agendas rather than following the collective will of the Uni-Mind; these LGMs are looked down upon by the others as “Independent thinkers”.
    5. The Little Green Men are an actual alien race, many of whom work for Star Command as scientists, engineers, and inventors.

  • Alistair Krei  from  Big Hero 6

    Alistair Krei from Big Hero 6

    πŸ‘‰ A few facts:

    1. Alistair Krei is a businessman who is always on the lookout for new opportunities.
    2. He has been known to cut corners and ignore sound science in order to achieve his goals.
    3. He is not usually rejected and is not very receptive to it when he is.
    4. He seems to think that money is the answer to everything.
    5. He is a somewhat morally complex man.

  • Alligator  from  Lady and the Tramp

    Alligator from Lady and the Tramp

    πŸ‘‰ A few facts:

    1. Brutus and Nero were both rescued from abusive homes by Madame Medusa.
    2. Despite their rough beginnings, these crocodiles have shown nothing but loyalty to Madame Medusa.
    3. However, they do not show the same loyalty or respect to Mr. Snoops, who they seem to heartily dislike.
    4. It is clear that they understand every word that is said around them, which may be why they dislike Mr. Snoops so much.
    5. Madame Medusa has said that she applauds their competence, but has little patience for their antics.

  • Alpha  from  Up

    Alpha from Up

    πŸ‘‰ A few facts:

    1. Despite being the leader of the pack, Alpha is actually quite insecure and is always looking for validation from the other dogs.

    2. Alpha is very quick to anger and is often seen losing his temper with the other dogs.

    3. Alpha is very competitive, and often finds himself pitted against Dug in various challenges.

    4. Alpha is not a fan of the “cone of shame” and often tries to avoid being put in it.

    5. Alpha is ultimately defeated by Dug in the climax of the film, but still remains a respected member of the pack.

  • Am  from  Lady and the Tramp

    Am from Lady and the Tramp

    πŸ‘‰ A few facts:

    1. Originally, the cats were meant to be a reference to the war with Japan.
    2. The cats were originally named Nip and Tuck.
    3. The cats came to the house with Aunt Sarah.
    4. The cats made Lady look bad by committing a series of crimes.
    5. In the novelization of the film, the cats express remorse for their actions.

  • Ambassador Selick  from  Incredibles 2

    Ambassador Selick from Incredibles 2

    πŸ‘‰ A few facts:

    1. Chad Brentley is a famous TV personality who is known for his interviewing skills.
    2. Elastigirl is a superhero who has the ability to stretch her body.
    3. The Screenslaver is a villain who can control people through screens.
    4. Selick is a woman who is first seen meeting Elastigirl in the studio.
    5. Evelyn is a woman who takes over the DevTech ship and hypnotizes the passengers.

  • Ambrister Minion  from  Ratatouille

    Ambrister Minion from Ratatouille

    πŸ‘‰ A few facts:

  • Amelia Gabble  from  The Aristocats

    Amelia Gabble from The Aristocats

    πŸ‘‰ A few facts:

    1. Abigail and Amelia meet Thomas O’Malley, who is struggling to get to shore.
    2. The geese mistake O’Malley for a drowning swimmer and try to rescue him.
    3. On shore, the geese meet Duchess and her kittens.
    4. The geese offer to travel with the cats to Paris.
    5. O’Malley is placed at the rear of the group in a “V” shape, similar to how geese fly.

  • Amos Slade  from  The Fox and the Hound

    Amos Slade from The Fox and the Hound

    πŸ‘‰ A few facts:

    1. Amos is a old, crabby, grumpy, cranky, and bad-tempered man, though he does have a softer side which is shown when he interacts with his two hunting dogs, Chief and Copper.
    2. Amos can be civil to Widow Tweed when he chooses to be, even though he is often rude to her because he thinks she’s daft.
    3. While not a completely bad guy, Amos just doesn’t see his hunting career as a bad thing.
    4. However, as he develops a grudge toward the Tod the fox, he becomes so obsessed with getting Tod that he is willing to break into an anti-hunting preserve.
    5. He later showed remorse for his actions after Tod saves him and Copper from a dangerous bear.

  • Amphitryon  from  Hercules

    Amphitryon from Hercules

    πŸ‘‰ A few facts:

    1. Amphitryon and Alcmene were shocked when they found out that baby Hercules had divine strength.

    2. Pain and Panic tried to attack Amphitryon and Alcmene, but Hercules was able to tie them up and throw them away.

    3. Amphitryon and Alcmene took Hercules to their home and raised him as their own son.

    4. Hercules’ biological parents watched him grow up from Mount Olympus.

    5. The symbol on Hercules’ medal showed the symbol of the Gods.

  • Amy  from  Toy Story 2

    Amy from Toy Story 2

    πŸ‘‰ A few facts:

    1. Stinky Pete was never bought or played with by a child and spent a lifetime on a dime-store shelf, watching every other toy be sold to their new owners, which caused him to grow bitter, selfish, and angry.

    2. He was later sold to Al McWhiggin, who never took him out of the box for unknown reasons, which made him even more insane and angrier.

    3. Since Al was grown up, he planned to sell Stinky Pete to a toy museum in Tokyo. Stinky Pete found this to be good news, if kids didn’t want him, they can’t have him once they change their minds.

    4. However, Al learned that the museum wanted the entire Woody’s Roundup Gang toys and went to collect them all, so Stinky Pete had to wait.

    5. After he met Jessie and Bullseye, Stinky Pete befriended them while they waited for Woody.

  • Anastasia Tremaine  from  Cinderella

    Anastasia Tremaine from Cinderella

    πŸ‘‰ A few facts:

    -Anastasia was always jealous of her older sister Drizella, and was happy when she got married and moved away.
    -Anastasia was always trying to one-up Cinderella and would take any opportunity to make her life more difficult.
    -Anastasia was very clumsy and often tripped over her own feet.
    -Anastasia was always trying to get attention from her mother and would often act out to get her attention.
    -Anastasia was always trying to get Cinderella in trouble and would often lie to their mother about what Cinderella had done.

  • Anchor  from  Finding Nemo

    Anchor from Finding Nemo

    πŸ‘‰ A few facts:

    1. Anchor is the first shark that Bruce and Chum meet when they join the Shark Club.
    2. Anchor is very enthusiastic about the Shark Club and is eager to recruit new members.
    3. Anchor is not a fan of clownfish, as he finds them not very funny.
    4. Anchor is very protective of his fish friend, and is quick to defend him when Bruce tries to eat him.
    5. Anchor is shocked and horrified when Bruce’s torpedo gets lodged in a mine, and he is quick to swim away.

  • Ancient King  from  Brave

    Ancient King from Brave

    πŸ‘‰ A few facts:

    1. When the original Brave came out, it was one of the first video games to allow players to choose their own gender.
    2. Temple Run: Brave was one of the first mobile games to bring the popular Temple Run formula to a Disney property.
    3. Hidden Worlds was one of the first Disney Infinity games to be released, and it was a big hit with fans.
    4. Disney Infinity: 2.0 Edition was a big update to the game that added a ton of new features and content.
    5. Disney Tsum Tsum was a mobile game that was based on the popular Japanese toy line of the same name.

  • Anda  from  Brother Bear 2

    Anda from Brother Bear 2

    πŸ‘‰ A few facts:

    1. Anda is very picky when it comes to finding a mate and she takes her time to find the perfect one.
    2. Anda is lighter brown than Kata and she is very beautiful.
    3. Anda is very interested in Rutt and Tuke and she thinks they are very handsome.
    4. Anda becomes Rutt’s mate while Kata is Tuke’s mate and they are very happy together.
    5. Anda and Kata are the best of friends and they are always there for each other.

  • AndrΓ©  from  Planes: Fire & Rescue

    AndrΓ© from Planes: Fire & Rescue

    πŸ‘‰ A few facts:

    1. AndrΓ© is first seen alongside Cad Spinner when the latter is checking on the people going into the Grand Fusel Lodge.
    2. Later, AndrΓ© is seen talking to a married couple at the lodge’s grand reopening party, telling them to enjoy their stay.
    3. When Cad gives a speech to the tourists and the Secretary of the Interior about the grand reopening of the lodge, AndrΓ© interrupts to tell Pulaski about an approaching forest fire.
    4. Cad and AndrΓ© argue over whether or not to evacuate the lodge, with AndrΓ© eventually convincing the superintendent.
    5. AndrΓ© alerts the tourists staying in the lodge that they need to evacuate and must not panic. He gets some of the tourists onto Muir, the steam train, but when the train does not have space for the rest of the tourists, he tells them to follow a staff member to the main road exit.

  • Andrea  from  Cars

    Andrea from Cars

    πŸ‘‰ A few facts:

    1. In a world populated by anthropomorphic vehicles, the last race of the 2006 Piston Cup Season is the championship at the Motor Speedway of the South.
    2. A skilled but arrogant rookie racecar, Lightning McQueen, has overtaken his opponents, avoided a huge wreck, and built up a huge lead.
    3. However, because of his refusal to make regular pit stops and get new tires, his rear worn tires blow out on the final lap.
    4. Lightning becomes separated from Mack, his transport truck, and while trying to catch up becomes lost on U.S. Route 66.
    5. A chase ensues, during which Lightning crashes and gets tangled in wires, damaging part of the town’s main street in the process.

  • Andy  from  Toy Story

    Andy from Toy Story

    πŸ‘‰ A few facts:

    1. Andy’s parents named him after Andy Luckey, the son of Pixar’s fifth employee, Bud Luckey.
    2. Andy Luckey has claimed he wasn’t aware that he was the namesake of the character, and assumed it to be an urban legend.
    3. At the beginning of Toy Story, Andy wears a green t-shirt with a cowboy playing the guitar on the top right corner, blue shorts, white socks, and white sneakers with blue laces.
    4. On moving day, Andy wears a light blue t-shirt with light brown shorts. However, he wears his original outfit in a shot where he sadly leaves his old room holding his hat and Buzz’s box.
    5. Andy is seen in two sets of pajamas in the Toy Story movies. His first set is yellow with a cowboy on the shirt, and the other is blue with Buzz Lightyear on the shirt.

  • Andy’s Mom  from  Toy Story

    Andy’s Mom from Toy Story

    πŸ‘‰ A few facts:

    1. Though Mrs. Davis is a kind and loving parent, she and her children often butt heads.
    2. Mrs. Davis is extremely fair when it comes to setting rules for her kids.
    3. Mrs. Davis’s husband is MIA, though she remains hopeful he’ll one day return.
    4. Mrs. Davis is an excellent cook, and her children always enjoy her meals.
    5. Mrs. Davis is very active and enjoys spending time outdoors with her kids.

  • Anessa  from  Disney Princess Enchanted Tales

    Anessa from Disney Princess Enchanted Tales

    πŸ‘‰ A few facts:

    1. Aneesa always looked out for Jasmine, even when she was a young girl. She was always there to offer her advice and support.

    2. Aneesa was always there for Jasmine when she needed someone to talk to. She would listen to her problems and offer her advice.

    3. Jasmine always looked up to Aneesa. She was her role model and she looked up to her for advice.

    4. Aneesa was always willing to help Jasmine with anything she needed. She was always there to lend a helping hand.

    5. Aneesa and Jasmine have always been close. They are like sisters and they have always been there for each other.

  • Angel  from  Lady and the Tramp II

    Angel from Lady and the Tramp II

    πŸ‘‰ A few facts:

    1. Despite her kind and confident personality, Angel has had five families, none of which have stuck.
    2. Angel is the nicest of the junkyard dogs and is treated as if she was Buster, the self-proclaimed leader’s, girlfriend but she constantly denies this.
    3. Angel is attracted to Scamp straight away and gives him the affectionate nickname, Tenderfoot, just like Scamp’s father, Tramp, gave Lady the nickname, Pidge in the original.
    4. Angel warns Scamp about the dangers of being in the junkyard dogs and confides in him her own insecurities and sad past.
    5. From being in the junkyard dogs, Angel has a razor-sharp tongue and is very suave and skilled, which impresses Scamp throughout the film.