Sir John Tenniel, illustrator of Alice in Wonderland, turns 200

Sir John Tenniel, a British illustrator who drew the images accompanying Lewis Carroll’s original edition of “Alice in Wonderland” in 1866 was born on February 28, 1820. Google released a special doodle to celebrate what could have been his 200th birthday, had he still been alive. The original illustration was created by Matthew Cruickshank from North London. Besides his work for Alice in Wonderland, John Tenniel was also the principal political cartoonist for Punch magazine for 50+ years. He was born and died in London (1820-1914). Sir John Tenniel was buried at Kensal Green Cemetery, one of the Victorian Magnificent Seven, in North London. If you want to add originals to your private collection, some illustrations can still be purchased at Chris Beetles Art Gallery in London.
Doodle Sir John Tenniel Alice in Wonderland
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Sir John Tenniel self portrait
Alice in Wonderland - Sir John Tenniel