SuperTed: new CGI-series in the making for 2023

35 years after the last episode of SuperTed was broadcast in 1986, work is about to start on a new CGI-animated series to bring this beloved bear back to life. When Mike Young first created the character of SuperTed to get his stepson Richard to sleep, all he needed was a tea towel and a bear. Little did he know that his teddy bear would win over so many hearts. Children and adults alike just loved the stories, and SuperTed was quickly commissioned for television. When Mike moved from London to California, he got in touch with many great names in the entertainment business to voice the characters in the show. And that’s how SuperTed conquered the world! Mike Young runs his own entertainment production company Splash Entertainment. Mike’s stepson Richard, who couldn’t fall asleep when he was little, is now working together with his stepdad on editing and post-production! Mike and Richard are very much looking forward to this new series, with a SuperTed who will look a little different for sure, but who will still be as loved as before.
New SuperTed
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SuperTed and Spotty mascotte
SuperTed with Spotty