3D Sparrow

Founded in 2013
Country: United Kingdom
Director(s): Oli Bernard
3D animation
3D Sparrow is an award-winning 3D animation studio based in the UK. The company produces popular preschool series such as ‘Booba’ and ‘Food Puzzle’ and aims to create beautiful animated content for children aged 2-7. Their main project is the Booba animated series, which has gained significant popularity on digital platforms, with over 10 billion views and millions of subscribers on YouTube. The company employs a team of over 100 people, including strong CG specialists, and focuses on creating entertaining and relevant content for global audiences. They are known for their unique and engaging storytelling for kids, with a focus on bringing smiles and giggles to young audiences and their families worldwide
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HQ address: The Annex, 3 High Street, Roade, Northampton, England, NN7 2NW