A Productions

Founded in 1986
Country: United Kingdom
Director(s): Mark Taylor
2D, 3D and live action
A Productions is a hub of creativity, located in the heart of Bristol, UK. Their primary focus is storytelling, and the artists are passionate about sharing authentic stories that resonate with their clients and their audiences. Their clients trust them because they love what they do, and they bring their A-game to every project. A Productions is known for producing high-quality, innovative content that inspires, entertains, and captures people’s imagination. The company’s approach is rooted in its 35 years of production experience and its unique creative energy. The artists work with a wide range of styles and techniques, including 2D, 3D, and live-action, and they create a variety of animated content, such as series (both long-form and short-form), specials, short films, commercials, idents, and more. A Productions works closely with its clients to ensure that we understand their needs and vision, and is committed to delivering work that meets their expectations. The company has a long list of satisfied clients who have returned to work with it on multiple projects. The team is made up of talented animators, designers, artists, and production staff, many of whom have worked with A Productions for years. There are two fully-equipped studios, and the artists can handle as much or as little as our clients require. They provide design concepts, inspiration, and ideas, but are also happy to work to a brief. A Productions understands the importance of budgets and deadlines, and is committed to delivering the best work on time and within budget.
✆ +44 117 929 9005
✉ info@aproductions.co.uk
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HQ address: 52 Old Market Street, Bristol BS2 0ER, United Kingdom
Address #2: 15 Colston Street, Bristol BS1 5AP, United Kingdom