Atomic Cartoons

Founded in 1999
Country: Canada
Director(s): Jennifer Twiner McCarron
pre-school, comedy, action adventure, adult
Atomic Cartoons presents itself as a studio for artists by artists. With multi-award winning series and iconic shows in its portfolio, Atomic is an industry veteran. The company takes the work-life balance at heart and always puts the people first. Because happy employees make better cartoons! The company offers training in different animation techniques and genres and gives everyone the opportunity to learn and grow, which translates in the top-notch creative projects.
✆ +1 604 734 2866
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HQ address: Atomic Cartoons, 123 West 7th Ave., Vancouver BC, Canada V5Y 1L8
Address #2: Suite 203, 981 Wellington Street West, Ottowa ON, Canada K1Y 2Y1
Address #3: 2233 N. Ontario Street, Suite 100, Burbank CA, 91504, USA