Boat Rocker Studios

Founded in 2016
Country: Canada
Director(s): John Young
development, production, monetization of scripted premium content and brands
Boat Rocker Studios is an independent award-winning provider of great children’s and family content. The studio combines leading in-house animation with artful storytelling and has also widened its portfolio by collaborating with and investing in external studios, like Industrial Brothers. In 2016, it acquired Jam Filled Entertainment, thus securing continuous and outstanding quality. Boat Rocker Studios’ catalogue combines own brands, series, animation, movies and television content. Their scripted series have won prestigious awards, including Emmy, Golden Globe and Canadian Screen awards.
✆ +1 416 591 0065
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HQ address: Boat Rocker Studios, 310 King St. East, Toronto, ON, Canada M5A 1K6
Address #2: 215 Park Ave. South, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10003, USA
Address #3: 44 Whitfield St., London W1T 2RH, United Kingdom