Brown Bag Films

Founded in 1994
Country: Ireland
Director(s): Cathal Gaffney
children’s educational animation, live action, brand marketing
Brown Bag Films is an award-winning animation studio that is owned by the Canadian company 9 Story Media Group. It produces the children’s animation side of the business. The Creative Affaires team of 9 Story Media has years of experience in Child Development. Working with consultants in their field, they produce timely, forward-thinking, stand out programs with respect for children. The team wishes to challenge, empower, educate and entertain children. 9 Story Media shows make children laugh and motivate them to make the world a better place.
✆ +353 1 8721608
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HQ address: Brown Bag Films, Unit 20, Block C, Smithfield Market, Smithfield, Dublin 7, D07 PV06, Ireland
Address #2: Brown Bag Films Canada, 23 Fraser Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M6K 1Y7
Address #3: Brown Bag Films Bali, Ji. Teuku Umar Barat, No. 379 Padangsambian Klod, Denpasar Barat, Denpasar, Bali 80117