Mercury Filmworks

Founded in 1997
Country: Canada
Director(s): Clint Eland
2D and 3D animation, feature films
Mercury Filmworks is an independent animation studio from Canada. The studio has worked for the greatest animation companies, such as Disney, Netflix, Amazon Studios and Warner Bros, contributing to a wide array of productions. Most recently, Mercury Filmworks won an Emmy award for its work on the animated series Hilda.
✆ +1 613 482 1813, +1 604 684 9117
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HQ address: Mercury Filmworks, Ontario Office, 146 Colonnade Rd, Floor 2, Ottawa, Ontario K2E 7Y1, Canada
Address #2: Mercury Filmworks, Vancouver Office, 190 Alexander Street, Ste 500, Vancouver, British Columbia V6A 1B5, Canada