Founded in 2008
Country: Spain
Director(s): Silvia Cortés and Marta Alonso Lisbona
2D animation
Born from the experience in the audiovisual sector (directing, scriptwriting and producing) and from the passion they felt for creative work and the world of animation, Teidees was created as a company which, for over 10 years now, has directed talented and hardworking teams. Their teams not only boast artistic and technical talent, but do that with a human touch, plus they are also constantly keeping our eyes out for young talent. Their strong suit is the development of ideas and projects. They are teidistes: idea generators.
✆ +34 931 05 38 74
✉ teidees@teidees.com
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HQ address: Calle de Laforja 118, Principal, Barcelona 08021, Spain