Watch Next Media

Founded in 2015
Country: France
Director(s): Philippe Alessandri
2D animated television series for all age groups
Since its creation in 2015, Watch Next Media has developed and produced ambitious animated projects to entertain children all over the world. Over the years, it has enriched its portfolio and expanded by creating two new animation studios and by acquiring a stake in an external award-winning service studio. In 2020 it created Animato, an animation studio in Turin, Italy. Watch Next Media have worked on iconic shows such as Nate is Late and Best Bugs Forever, as well as Hello Kitty.
✆ +33 1 44 62 23 65
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HQ address: Watch Next Media, 29 rue des Panoyaux, 75020 Paris, France
Address #2: 22 rue du Quai, 59800 Lille, France