Winsing Animation

Founded in 2004
Country: China
Director(s): Zhibin “Ben” Gu
eductional animated series for television, preschool animation, licensing and merchandising, live shows
Winsing Animation is one of the leading and influential animation companies in China. Apart from producing and distributing films and animated television series, it is also active in the licensing and merchandising activities, live shows and indoor theme park business. Winsing has created a number of own productions and also collaborates with worldwide customers for the co-production of animated content.
✆ +86 20 37635953
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HQ address: Guangdong Winsing Media Company Limited, China, Guangdong Province, Guangzhou, Yuexiu District, Shuiyiner Rd, 广州大道北193号新达城广场南座27层 邮政编码: 510075