Official trailer of Wish

Production: Walt Disney Studios
Release date: November 22, 2023
In the enchanting Kingdom of Rosas, situated off the shores of the Iberian Peninsula, dwells a 17-year-old young girl named Asha, who possesses a unique ability to perceive a looming darkness surrounding the kingdom’s ruler, King Magnifico. Driven by her instincts, Asha finds herself compelled to beseech the stars in a heartfelt plea during her moment of desperation. To her astonishment, her plea is answered by an ethereal being named Star, who descends from the heavens above. Revealing extraordinary magical powers, Star becomes a conduit for granting wishes. United by fate, Asha and Star embark on a courageous journey to confront the growing malevolence within Rosas, fervently fighting for a brighter future and the fulfillment of aspirations for all its inhabitants. Their noble quest aims to surpass the present circumstances and transform the dreams of the people of Rosas into tangible reality.