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FISH HOOKS - Production has begun on "Fish Hooks" (working title), an animated comedy series centered around three aquatic friends in a fish tank, produced using an innovative mixture of 2-D digital animation and photo collage by Disney Television Animation for Disney Channels Worldwide. "Fish Hooks" is scheduled to premiere Fall 2010. The 21-episode series follows Milo, Oscar and Bea, three friends and neighbors who attend Freshwater High, a school submerged in a giant fish tank in the center of a local pet store. Together they experience the typical challenges and triumphs of tween life ranging from friendship, dating and sports, along with more atypical teen issues like giant lobster attacks and school field trips to the hamster cages. (DISNEY CHANNEL).MILO, OSCAR, BEA.

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Fish Hooks character Oscar smiling
Fish Hooks character Oscar
Fish Hooks character Principal Stickler
Fish Hooks character Randy Pincherson
Fish Hooks character Shellsea
Fish Hook character Albert Glass
Fish Hook character Jumbo Shrimp
Fish Hooks character Bea Godfishberg

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