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Coconut The Little Dragon

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Country of origin


Creation year



Caligari Film (based on the books by Ingo Siegner)


Come and meet Coconut, the Little Dragon. Based on best-selling books by Ingo Siegner, the adventures of Coconut and his friends now come to life in a wonderful new animated series.

Life is not always easy on Dragon Island – Coconut has flying problems, Oscar is the only vegetarian in his family and Matilda has no say as a porcupine on Dragon Island anyway. Nevertheless, the three friends manage to solve every problem on Dragon Island while making new friends
along the way. With the help of curiosity and teamwork, they bring the most varied types of dragons together and always stand up for
friendship and tolerance. The little ones prove that sometimes the smallest can be the biggest.

Who are the main characters of Coconut The Little Dragon?

Coconut: he's a young orange fire dragon. He's still got tiny wings and can't fly properly yet. He's very curious and never takes anyone's words for granted. He needs to experience everything himself, because seeing is believing!
Matilda: this little porcupine is Coconut's best friend. She's a survival expert, thanks to her jungle background. She's very knowledgeable and gives Coconut valuable advice.
Oscar: this red Gourmet Dragon is Coconut's other best friend. He is allergic to meat and became a vegetarian, something the other dragons don't seem to appreciate! He's constantly hungry and terribly afraid of spiders.
Grandpa Georgie: he's Coconut's grandfather. He's very wise and he's the one who grows the fire grass, much needed to the Fire Dragons.
Baldwin: he's a cave monster, and all the dragons are afraid of him. They shouldn't be, because it turns out he only eats nuts and berries. He's allergic to sunlight and stinks horribly.
Mr. and Mrs. Claw: these Mountain Dragons live in a cave in the mountains.
Mette and Magnus: they are Coconut's parents. They like to lead a quiet life and don't understand why their son is always in need of adventure.
Herbert and Adele: these two Gourmet Dragons are Oscar's parents. Although they would love to eat Coconut, they promised to spare him because he's their son's best friend.
The Fruit Sisters: these three sisters are very arrogant Fire Dragons. They are always competing with Coconut and his friends.
Mini Mo and Big Mo: they are the smallest and the biggest dragon on Dragon Island, respectively.
Chef: he's the chief of Gourmetville and of all the Gourmet Dragons, and the king of cooking.
Proselinda: she's an elderly Fire Dragon, who teaches flying to Coconut and the other young Fire Dragons.

Production studio: Caligari International

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