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All you need to know about

Cow and Chicken

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Country of origin

United States of America

Creation year



David Feiss


Cow Steer and her brother Chicken Steer are two unlikely siblings. They are mostly fighting their mutual enemy, Red Guy, who often disguises himself in various outfits and tries to swindle them.

Who are the main characters of Cow and Chicken?

Cow: A lazy cow who is often seen sleeping and eating.
Chicken: Cow's younger brother who is always getting into trouble.
Supercow: Cow's superhero alter ego who has super strength and can fly.
The Red Guy: A mischievous, shape-shifting character who likes to play pranks and cause trouble.
Flem: Chicken's best friend who is a little green blob.
Earl: Chicken and Flem's friend who is a big, strong, but dim-witted farmhand.
Mom: Cow and Chicken's mother who is a loving but strict parent.
Dad: Cow and Chicken's father who is a lazy but lovable character.
Grandma: Cow and Chicken's grandmother who is a sweet but senile old lady.
Grandpa: Cow and Chicken's grandfather who is a grumpy but lovable old man.

Production studio: Hanna-Barbera Cartoons

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Cow and Chicken Theme Song

Listen to the theme song of Cow and Chicken