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Motown Magic

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Country of origin

United States and Australia

Creation year



Josh Wakely


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Armed with the worldwide rights from the music of Motown, Josh Wakely created an musical animated series that follows 8-year-old Ben, a little boy with a big heart who uses magic paintbrush to bring the street art of Motown to life. The show features music from The Jackson 5, Michael Jackson, The Temptations, Stevie Wonder, as well as recordings from contemporary artists. Motown Magic is a great way to introduce Motown music to the youngest generation!

Who are the main characters of Motown Magic?

Ben: An 8-year-old African-American boy with glasses. Whenever he leaves the house, he always takes with him his magic paintbrush.
Ella: She is Ben's toddler sister. She is a happy and funny little girl.
Angie: She is one of Ben's best friends. She's a skater and dresses the part.
Mickey: He's an athletic mixed-race boy who is Ben and Angie's best friend.
Jimmy Mack: He is a stylish red Cadillac and one of Ben's best non-human friends.
Harmony: She is Ben's pet cat, a lavender and black animal.
Uncle Rod: He's a scientist and Ben's uncle. He's a fun and adventurous member of the family.
Bill: He is Ben's father and works as a security guard at the museum.
Grandma Ruby: Ben's grandmother.
Dancing Machine: A blue robot who can't stop dancing whenever it hears music.

Production studio: Netflix Animation

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