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Country of origin

United States

Creation year



Dreamworks (based on the character Peabody created by Ted Key)


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Incredible things are going on in the Manhattan penthouse where Mr. Peabody lives with his son Sherman! From their living room, they host a live TV variety show that features various historical figures as their guests, who travel to contemporary New York through the WABAC time machine. Half of The Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show is formatted like a variety show, while the other half includes time travel adventures.

Who are the main characters of Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show?

Mr. Peabody: A brilliant dog who has a penchant for helping people and a love of knowledge.
Sherman: Mr. Peabody's human son, who is curious and often gets himself into trouble.
Penny Peterson: Sherman's human best friend, who is kind and adventurous.
Patty: Penny's little sister, who is cute and precocious.
Mr. Peterson: Penny and Patty's human father, who is a bit bumbling but well-meaning.
Mrs. Peterson: Penny and Patty's human mother, who is loving and nurturing.
King Agamemnon: A legendary Greek king who was known for his wisdom and strength.
Helen of Troy: A legendary Greek queen who was known for her beauty and courage.
Leonardo da Vinci: A legendary Italian artist and scientist who was known for his genius.
Abraham Lincoln: The 16th president of the United States, who was known for his honesty and integrity.
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