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Rosie’s Rules

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Country of origin

United States

Creation year



Jennifer Hamburg


The animated preschool series “Rosie’s Rules” follows the day-to-day adventures of 5-year-old Rosie Fuentes, a little girl with mixed Mexican-American heritage. She lives in San Antonio, Texas, with her parents, her little brother and her half-sister Crystal, a child from Rosie’s mum’s first marriage.

Rosie is curious and funny, but she tends to have her head in the clouds, which creates a lot of chaos at times. Together with her family and her cat Gatita, Rosie learns about the world outside of the family home, a sometimes frightening but very interesting place!

The show aims to teach children about multicultural families and communities, modern family structures, ethnic history and bilingualism.

Who are the main characters of Rosie's Rules?

Rosie Fuentes: her full name is Rosalia and she's from Mexican descent. She's 5 years old and has loads of energy to go round. She's very creative and has a huge imagination. She's very curious, but tends to be absent-minded, lost in a world of her own.
Gatita: Rosie's cat
Iggy Fuentes: he's Rosie's little brother, he's only 2,5 years old. Iggy adores his sister and constantly follows her around.
Javi Fuentes: he's Rosie's cousin, a boy with red-framed glasses.
Marco Fuentes: he's Rosie's father, his children call him Papá.
Liz Fuentes: she's Rosie's mum and owns a bookstore. She's originally from Wisconsin.
Margarita Fuentes: she is Rosie's aunt and the mother of Javi. She owns a Mexican restaurant in town.
Quinn and Jun Liu: they are twin sisters and are friends with Rosie.
Crystal Fuentes: she's Rosie and Iggy's half sister, a blond girl.
Dragon Fuentes: Crystal's pet rabbit.

Production studio: Brown Bag Films

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