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Country of origin


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Caligari International (based on the books by Jörg Hilbert and Felix Janosa)



Ex-cash register Rusty Knight thinks he’s the bravest, coolest knight in all of Scrapland. But he’s really a show-off with a big mouth, who constantly overestimates himself. The cocky knight rushes headlong into every adventure, only to instantly regret his decision. Though he always needs the help of his sweetheart Damsel Bo and the castle’s cheeky dragon Cole to get himself out of trouble, everyone loves him. After all, inside his rusty cash register beats a heart of stainless steel! “Rusty Knight” is an action-packed series in HD for the whole family, and especially children 6 to 10. The characters of “Rusty Knight” have all been put together from various recycled household utensils and tools. In each episode, they devote their unique talents to saving the day – and Rusty – even if it’s always Rusty who’s hailed as the hero!

Who are the main characters of Rusty Knight?

Rusty: he used to be a cash-register, but now believes he is the bravest, strongest and smartest knight. Unfortunately, he doesn't have any of the qualities needed to be a good knight, but he makes up for it with quick humor and his good nature.
Bo: she is the maiden of Iron Castle, but without her, everything would pretty much fall apart. She often gets Rusty and Cole out of trouble.
Cole: he's a young 10 million-year-old dragon who is always looking for fun things to do. He has a dry sense of humor and is very loyal to Rusty, but he is quite mischievous.
Chopper: Rusty's clockwork horse is always at the right place at the right time, if Rusty doesn't forget to wind him up.
Prince Novel: he is a perfect gentleman and fearless knight, who wins every knightly tournament. He is very rich and loves luxury and women.
King Leadfoot: he is a jovial, generous and kind king who doesn't want to do any of the work involved with his position. That's what his advisers are for, but they don't make the King's life any easier.
Princess Magnesia: she is King Leadfoot's daughter, a capricious, moody and vain princess. Her father dreams of marrying her off as quickly as possible, but the princess seems to drive any candidates away by her awful singing voice and violent mood swings.
Honest Bob: he is the biggest thief in all of Scrapland, and only interested in money and treasures.
Honest Bob Junior: Honest Bob's son is truly honest, and he often turns his father in to the authorities.
Inkie Ernie: he is the loyal scribe to King Leadfoot.

Production studio: Caligari International

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